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When the condom breaks

How many sex partners?

How to Have Great Sex 101

Mission Statement

The Basics with Dr. Mo was created in response to a silent public health emergency: record breaking rates of newly acquired sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Young people are disproportionately affected with more than 10 million new infections each year. At The Basics, we make it easier to talk about sex.

 Philosophy and Vision

Everyone has questions about sex. Dr. Mo takes it to the streets to find out what young people want to know. With judgment free humor, she helps people realize that talking about sex is the best way to learn about sex. She also introduces people to the only products that currently protect against STIs. Our vision is to start a conversation: #sextalk4real.


Our mission is to help young people make smart choices about who, when and how to have sex that is fun, safe and pleasurable.